Casting & Injection Materials 
Resimac casting and injection materials are an economical solution to crack bridging, bonding dissimilar materials and casting hard wearing components for industrial applications. Our range covers both epoxy, polyurethane & silicon resin systems that can be  hand poured, cartridge injected and pumped into gaps ranging from 1mm up to 15cm. Once cured they have high bond strength to metals, wood, concrete and plastics and are proven to resist corrosion and erosion.
  • Fill cracks and gaps in concrete structures
  • Seal and waterproof structures and equipment
  • Increase or restore structural integrity
  • Inject behind plates and structures to prevent corrosion
  • Pour or inject into moulds to create hard wearing components
  • Inject into collars to seal leaking surfaces
  • Bond metal to metal or dissimilar materials
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