• Minimal surface preparation Corrosion-inhibiting gel flows to totally encapsulate and protect the substrate without the use of primers, fillers or tapes. The mechanical removal of marine growth and delaminated iron oxide is all that is necessary.

• Easy one-piece installation Full-length closure flanges are factory- fitted with corrosion resistant self-threading fasteners or bolt sets upon request.

Corrosion rate monitoring, CCS Wraps May be fitted with weight loss coupons or remote corrosion rate monitoring.
Environmentally safe Residual elasticity within the multilayer fabric safely maintains the wrap in position and prevents leaching of the corrosion inhibitor into the environment.

Custom made to fit Suits any diameter from 50 mm to 3 meters. May be interlocked to accommodate any required protected length.

Built for the toughest environments Withstands the degradative influences of environmental UV, ozone and temperature variations. Highly abrasion- and impact-resistant.

Inspections made easy In the unlikely event of exterior damage the wrap can easily be removed and replaced to allow for substrate inspection.

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