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Welcome to Indo Riau Perkasa

Indo Riau Perkasa is a local “cold works” product and service provider.

A major part of its business involves “cold repairs” for the oil and gas industry. This implies the use of only ATEX certified cold grinding and cutting tools in Zones 1 and 2 areas for both preventive and corrective maintenance programs.

As part of the repair works, the company also provide pipeline integrity assessment for wall thinning, corrosion, vibration, abrasion and provide suitable recommendations to repair and refurbish the plant without shutdown.

Indo Riau Perkasa has been trained in the use of the ATEX certified cold grinding and cutting tools to execute “cold maintenance and repairs”, where hot welding is not an appropriate option. The use of quality composites provides significant improvements in maintenance regime in reducing the need for unscheduled shut down and occurrence of leaks.

Surface preparation and a clean surface is key to ensure that composite repair systems adhere effectively to metal pipelines, the use of “cold grinding techniques” in conjunction with composite epoxy/resin based treatment becomes a very effective solution for even permanent repairs.

We serve industries such as oil & gas, mining, government agencies, etc and strive to provide in-situ engineered solutions to our customers. Our solutions are designed to significantly reduce down time, sustain production uptime, and offer the assurance of maintaining integrity whilst always offering more economical and sustainable costs of piping replacement or repair.

Indo Riau Perkasa's solutions address a wide range of mechanical, piping and tankage problems such as:

    - Corrosion both internal and external
    - Wall thickness loss
    - Loss of hoop and axial strength
    - Denting/mechanical damage
    - Underwater repairs
    - Splash zone protection
    - Pipe support protection
    - Field joint protection for HDD
    - Joint damage
    - Loss of containment integrity
    - Improved process safety
    - Cold grinding and cutting in zone 1 & 2

Ensuring the safety and integrity of piping systems has always been a top priority and it is indeed a demanding job for pipeline operators. Indo Riau Perkasa combines the safety and efficiency of Safety Tools Allmet, together with the quality and simplicity of NRI’s innovative composites to provide our customers’ with a holistic approach in cold works application.




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